1. No product + dancing with wet hair = awesomeness

  2. Italian icecream!

  3. How much money in change from my tips after about a month and a half do you think is in here?? #takeaguess

  4. Shudda won the whole thing.

  6. Homeboy did good. So proud :’)

  8. Girl 1: what’s the 4th of July for?
    Girl 2: freedom!
    Girl 1: oh..
    Mystery solved.

  9. Chill time

  11. Let’s take a walk

  12. Been a while… 오랫만에…

  13. ASU’s UDS bout to perform! #ASUurbandancesociety

  14. poyzn:

    This is like installing Windows on a Mac.

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  15. Awkward family photos

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