1. It’s a part-my-hair-in-the-middle kind of day

  2. Can’t believe it’s been four years since I was dancing on that field.

  3. Need more beanies in my life

  4. Finally have access to the studio again! Time to do work!

  5. Super sick dancers here. #WODhouston

  6. Super sick dancers here. #Wyldstyl #WODhouston

  7. Ready. #wodhouston

  8. Back to black!
    Thanks Araseli for doing such an awesome job on my hair!!

  9. Witnessing just about the cutest thing ever at the Junior Rodeo in Abilene! #muttonbustin

  10. No product + dancing with wet hair = awesomeness

  11. Italian icecream!

  12. How much money in change from my tips after about a month and a half do you think is in here?? #takeaguess

  13. Shudda won the whole thing.

  15. Homeboy did good. So proud :’)