1. Boys

  2. Ride home

  3. Missing 한국…

  4. Thanks to my mom for getting me this awesome headband that I finally found an outfit to wear with! ^^

  5. #Dance #central #allnite #dancecentral

  6. After a week with no makeup it’s nice to feel like a girl again.

  7. Ah… This is why I skipped dinner today ㅠㅜ

  8. "My dream is to do things until I have no regrets"

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  9. Korean fashion in America!! 미국에서 옷은 한국을 따라하는거야 ㅋㅋ

  10. Someone at orientation gave me a Korean name and I totally forgot about it until I found this in my package I sent to myself from Korea! Ha 9th gen someone thanks! Maybe I’ll actually use it when I’m back in Korea ㅋㅋ #TaLK #9thgen

  11. 이제 자야되 #hashtag #whoneedssleep?

  12. #nofilter #kinda #androgyny

  13. exodirty:

    I can’t even….

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